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Unwavering in our Commitment…

Led by a best-in-class management team, MTL Cannabis Corp. aims to be the standard in the cannabis industry as it continues to grow and evolve. Fuelled by passion and a focus on quality, we continue to drive our industry forward by building trust with both customers and shareholders alike, driving long term value.
Our business platform and partnership network serves as our foundation and will continue to drive resilient and sustainable value for shareholders while always staying committed to our promise of trust and quality.

MTL Cannabis Corp.



MTL Cannabis Corp. is the parent company of Montréal Medical Cannabis Inc., a licensed producer headquartered in Montréal, Québec and operating from a 57,000 sq ft licensed indoor grow facility in Pointe Claire, Québec; Abba Medix Corp., a licensed producer in Pickering, Ontario that operates a leading medical cannabis marketplace; IsoCanMed Inc., a licensed producer in Louiseville, Québec growing best-in-class indoor cannabis, in its 64,000 sq. ft. production facility; and Canada House Clinics Inc., with clinics across Canada that work directly with primary care teams to provide specialized cannabinoid therapy services to patients suffering from simple and complex medical conditions.

As a flower-first company built for the modern street, MTL Cannabis Corp. operations use proprietary hydroponic growing methodologies supported by handcrafted techniques to produce products that are truly craft for the masses. MTL Cannabis Corp. focuses on craft quality cannabis products, including lines of dried flower, pre-rolls, and hash marketed under the “MTL Cannabis”, “Low Key by MTL” and “R’belle” brands for the Canadian recreational market through distribution arrangements with provincial cannabis distributors. MTL Cannabis Corp. has also developed a number of export channels for our products into regulated international markets.

Our medical platform, Abba Medix Corp., is a leading distributor of medical cannabis in Canada, specifically focused on the Canadian veteran community. Our clinic network, Canada House Clinics, is the leading Canadian provider of medical cannabis clinic services to the veteran community.

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